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Hi, I'm Charlotte.  I'm passionate about raising awareness and helping you to optimise your wellbeing

through movement, hands-on functional integration and with mindfulness-based approaches.  I have been teaching for over 12 years now.  I offer Mindful Pilates, Feldenkrais: Awareness Through Movement, Balance and Strength for seniors and Mindfulness in London. I also facilitate workshops, group sessions in the workplace and individual hands-on sessions.  I work with people from diverse backgrounds, with different health concerns and varying in age from 16 years to 110 years. 

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Online group and individual sessions:

Mindful Pilates and Feldenkrais: awareness through movement (ATM) available on Zoom.

 Feldenkrais hands-on functional integration individual sessions available face-to-face near Liverpool Street.


Online Classes

Mindful Pilates:

 Monday & Wedneday 50+: 10am - 11am

Thursdays: 9.45am - 10.45am

(private group)

Monday and Wednesday lunchtime:  1pm - 1.45pm

(City Lit staff only)

Mondays: 7pm - 8pm 

Tuesdays NHS staff

(private class):

6pm -7pm


awareness through movement

Tuesdays: 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Friday lunchtime: 12pm - 1pm

Tuesdays: 2.45pm - 3.45pm 

(City Lit starting 15 Sept)

Balance and Strength ​

(for seniors)

Fridays: 10.30am -11.30am

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

- Stephen Hawking -



What is it?  Pilates is an exercise system developed to improve body strength, flexibility and posture.  This slower paced class weaves together elements from both Pilates and the Feldenkrais methods, combining the soft with the strong to create a more fluid body.  You will have the opportunity to use small equipment such as balls and resistance bands to release or tone.  

Who is it for?  This class is for anyone wishing to unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day. Improve your posture, awareness, core mobility, breathing, flexibility, strength and ease yourself back into the workweek with more comfort and energy.


   All ages are welcome.  

No previous experience is needed.

£66 for the term £15.00 per drop-in class

Chisenhale Dance Space

64-84 Chisenhale Rd

London E3 5QZ

From Mon 6 April the class will be online via Zoom. Fill in your details in the box end of the page.




What is it?  This class combines verbally guided mindful movement and mindfulness meditation. Mindful movement is based on slow and gentle movement while paying attention to your breathing and other physical sensations. It can help you to reconnect better with yourself, reset the mind-body relationship,  ease chronic pain and stress, rebalance the nervous system, improve breathing, body awareness and quality of sleep. 


You will also have the opportunity to practise some short mindfulness meditations to cultivate mental clarity, presence, self-compassion and connection with others. You will have the possibility to take away and recreate the relaxed, grounded and alive feelings experienced in the class. 


Who is it for?  This class is suitable for anyone wishing to ease stress, tension and anxiety or live more mindfully.  


       All ages are welcome. 

No previous experience is needed.



“Nothing is permanent about our behaviour patterns

except our belief that they are so."

- Moshe Feldenkrais -




What is it?  The Feldenkrais method is an educational system, and it was created by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 - 1984).  When taught in a group it is called ‘Awareness Through Movement’ (ATM).  ATM consists of verbally guided slow movement sequences based on learning through movement, sensing, thinking and imagining.

Who is it for?  Anyone wishing to undo unnecessary habits of stress and tension, and notice improvements in your flexibility, posture, breathing, balance, coordination, daily functions, quality of movement and sleep and emotional, mental and physical wellbeing .

​Learning about your movement and behavioural habits can lead to better choices, which in turn can bring more ease, comfort and awareness into your everyday life.

What do I need?  Loose comfortable layered clothing is the best thing to wear.  Mats are provided but feel free to bring your own.  You will need to be able to transfer to the floor independently.

Where is it?  City Lit, Keeley Street, London, WC2B 4BA  Enrolments line 020 80237999 

or at The Boiler House, Stoke Newington N16.



Zoom online -Feldenkrais:

awareness through movement class

City Lit. Course Code: FSC03


21 April - 16 June 2020


14.45 - 15.45


awareness through movement class

The Boiler House

Community Class in Stoke Newington

George Downing Estate

Cazenove Road

N16 6BE


19.30 - 20.30


13.00 - 14.00

These classes now run online

Price: £10 per class per person.

Concession £8.

New - Bones and Balance 

City Lit. Course Code: FFB03


23 April - 18 June 2020


15.00 - 16.00

'' I got a great deal from the Feldenkrais course.  I enjoyed the mindfulness nature of the work and gained a much better awareness of how I hold and use my body.  I can see that some might find difficulty in the simplicity of the practice, but it gelled well with my previous meditation work.  I would recommend the course for the mindfulness benefits alone but I have also noticed,  in physical terms a major improvement in the way I walk and, to my surprise, have been able to move an ankle which has been problematic for years after an accident. ''

-  Michael Coyle  -




In addition to open classes and one-to-one consultations, I run workshops for GP surgeries, hospitals, charities, schools, other health and wellbeing organisations and corporate.  These workshops are tailored to meet the needs of specific client groups. 


Self-caring and staying well in the workplace:  amidst the pressure of modern living, self-care can help you thrive and find a better work-life balance. Take a pause and step outside the daily grind, and nourish yourself and your team.  Learn some self-caring techniques to support you to stay well, improve posture and quality of sleep, ease stress and tension, optimise concentration, creativity, clarity, and develop more resilience.

Aside from that I can also teach:

Sleep better and staying Well

Self-Caring and Staying Well in later life  


If you are looking to set up a class, workshop or want to discuss your specific needs and find out how I can work with you, please get in touch with me via the link below.


International Feldenkrais Week

‘One method, many ways’ 

I will be giving Awareness Through Movement (group classes) and Functional Integration (individual lessons) and also collaborating with other organisations and charities in London - stay tuned.

6 - 13 May 2020

NEW - Feldenkrais: Freeing the hips and lower back

Sunday 9 Feb 2020 TBC

11:30 - 14:00

Price: £25.00


Centre 151

151 Whiston Road, Haggerston E2 8BL

To book a place contact me via my website

NEW  - Introduction to Feldenkrais

Friday 6 March 2020

18.45 - 20:00

Price TBC



14 Allen Rd, Stoke Newington,

London N16 8SD

New Feldenkrais:

happy healthy feet

City Lit. Course Code: FSC12

Feb 2020

10.30 - 17.00


optimising mobility in the neck upper back and chest

City Lit. Course Code: TBC

Sat 27 June 2020

10.30 - 17.00


posture, balance and strength

City Lit. Course Code: TBC

Sat 18 July 2020

10.30 - 17.00




I can work with you in a personalised way to address your specific needs.  For example to help you recover from injury, manage back pain, stress and anxiety or improve your health and fitness levels.


The one-to-one session is an educational process.  You will have the opportunity to explore different strategies to make you aware of your habitual movement or behaviour patterns and to allow for new ones to develop.  Building better habits can help you to find more ease, peace and enjoyment as well as improve concentration, creativity and productivity.


You will learn self-caring practices that you can use to take greater control of your health and wellbeing as you go about your daily life. I facilitate a supportive and mindful space, where you can develop your own kinaesthetic awareness, take charge of your learning process and work towards self-improvement.


Individual lessons are for anyone wishing to recover physical abilities, ease stress, tension and anxiety, find relief from chronic pain and fatigue, restore mobility, refine movement skills, improve sports, wellness, quality of life or create a better work-life balance.


People come to me for a variety of reasons.  Some because they have a particular concern like anxiety, stress-related back pain, chronic pain, muscular tension, balance or they want to improve their performance at work.  For others, if conventional methods have left them feeling despondent or disappointed, they may be looking for a different experience, one that is based on embodied learning.




Movement has always been a huge part of my life.

Growing up in Denmark, I was involved in gymnastics and running from an early age until my teens. As a teenager, I became curious about other cultures and learning new languages so I started to travel and live abroad from the age of 13.  Throughout my travel, I deepened my fascination for other cultures, and this brought me to London in the early nineties to study for a degree in Social Anthropology and Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

About twenty-five years ago I embarked on a personal journey, and through movement, I discovered new ways of moving with more ease and enjoyment, and in turn, I became more centred, calm and connected to myself.  On my journey, I have explored different approaches, therapies and movement methods, and over the years one particular method stood out from all the others, the Feldenkrais Method – a way of healing and learning through movement.  It resonated well with my aspirations for self-caring, wellness, awareness, resilience and learning.  As a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, my intention is to share with others the method's organic healing and learning potentials.

My training has also taken me down other learning routes which complement the Pilates and the Feldenkrais Methods.  I have completed the Fascial Fitness Training with Fascial Fitness, Anatomy and Myofascial Movement Course for Pilates Teachers with Natural Bodies and Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector with City & Guilds.  I am also a qualified Mindfulness for Stress and Health teacher with Breathworks and can facilitate 8-week Mindfulness for Stress or Health courses.  Recently I have completed the foundation course for Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living.  Aside from that, I receive regular Feldenkrais and Mindfulness mentoring.

Inspired by those I am privileged to work with, I have also developed an interest in promoting healthy and mindful ageing.  As a qualified Postural Stability Instructor, I help older people reduce the risk of falling, maintain functional movement and mobility, stay independent and active through “strength and balance” classes.  I also run specialised “strength and balance” classes to those affected by stroke or osteoporosis and carry out one-to-one home visits in the local community.  I bring mindfulness into the classes and visits to help them learn how to pay more attention to how they are moving or what they are doing.  I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with such diverse groups of people and individuals, which I find enriching and rewarding.


Anne Redmond - Artist

I have been attending Feldenkrais classes lead by Charlotte for several months now.  I look forward to the class every week.  I am interested in calming and enhancing the nervous system.  The result is some reduction of my lower back pain and improved sleep.  For me the process involves consciously thinking about my body, making a more accurate [ie nuanced] mental map of it.  In the process of doing this, guided by Charlotte, all other external anxieties and stuff you cannot do anything about, just goes away.  You are giving to yourself and the organism that houses you in a direct way.  After the sessions, I find I have more awareness of my movements and have new choices about my movements which I did not have previously. 

Deborah Gorden

I wasn't sure how I felt about today's class but then without thinking about it, I noticed I was walking differently on the way back to the office!  It occurred to me that I was walking in a more relaxed way, and then I realised my hips and shoulders moving in opposition.  I thought they must do this usually but the movement felt very natural, with a much greater sense of connection and fluid motion.  How funny we forget how to walk properly.  And how nice to have something like Feldenkrais gently bring us back to our natural state.


I love how each class takes you on a journey with a destination that is not immediately apparent, until something clicks, and then you realise something has shifted subconsciously because your behaviour has changed.




 Diana Weir

I have been lucky enough to have attended Pilates classes, delivered by Charlotte and others, for several years now. This Mindful Movement course is, however, rather different from those continuing classes. 


Each session has centred on different, gently and often repeated, related sequences of movements - some of which were entirely new to me. The slow pace and strong focus on mindfulness throughout brings this closer to a movement-based meditation than a pure exercise class. Charlotte has a particularly good voice for leading guided meditations and mindful movements, being low, clear and soft in tone.


When focus and concentration can be maintained, this course has been extremely effective in helping to release accumulated tension and reduce chronic pain. (I have suffered from both for many months, without gaining much improvement from more obviously pro-active therapies).

Carol Robinson - Actor

The mindful movement course has been really useful in my every day life. Lying down for even a few minutes each day and doing a body scan has helped me acknowledge areas of my body that I've been ignoring for a long time. Charlotte's gentle and reflective teaching style and knowledge plus checking for feedback reassuring.

Harriet Spencer - Nurse

Pilates with Charlotte has been a real treat, as I have not previously coped well with classes, always choosing to avoid instruction and pressure. Her teaching and enabling manner has been perfect for me.  Her approach is cathartic and patient. It has had far reaching benefits for me that I was not expecting. It has improved my sleep pattern. I have learnt to find a calmness through breathing techniques and posture in varied work and play environments.  

Fozia Bham - Health Professional

After just a couple of lessons with Charlotte I noticed a huge improvement in my Asthma. Since I’ve been attending the lessons I’ve not had to use my inhaler and I’m more aware about the WAY I’m breathing. I feel like I’m breathing with the whole of my lungs which has made day to day tasks like walking up the stairs a whole lot easier and lot less breathless. Pilates with Charlotte is more than just working on core muscles it’s a coordination of body mind and spirit!




Please use this form for any bookings or enquiries.

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